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Wi-Fi Connectivity Front-end Modules

Always be one step ahead of the game with Skyworks’ innovative and highly integrated front-end modules (FEM) for any of your design needs—from ultra high performance to cost-optimized. Our solutions combine multiple RF functions in one efficient, impactful package.

Featured FEMs for Wi-Fi Connectivity


Product Brief PIN, Schottky, Varactor Diodes for Automotive Applications Automotive_Diodes_PB132_18A.pdf
Product Brief High Power (40 to 150 Watt) SPST and SPDT PIN Diode Switches PB_HighPowerPINDiodeSwitchesPB116_13A.pdf
Designer Info PIN Limiter Design Guide index.html
Application Notes Driver Circuit for High-Power PIN Diode Switches Pin_Diode_Driver_203950A_AN.pdf
Application Notes Design With PIN Diodes Design_With_PIN_Diodes_200312E.pdf
Designer Info 射频二极管设计指南 (RF Diode Design Guide - Simplified Chinese) RF_Diode_Design_Guide_SCH.pdf